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Personal Data & Privacy Policy

On 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.  This regulation applies to all organisations that hold personal data on members.

The DLBHS (the Society) holds (and has always held) the following data on its members:-

  • Member address.
  • Phone and email addresses if provided by the member at the time of joining.
  • Names of prize winners published in the Year Book and updated each year.
  • Names and addresses of Show prize winners


How is this data used?

Member addresses are used to enable newsletters and the Year Book to be hand delivered.  The addresses are also used to allow collection of subscriptions.

  • There has been/and will not be any change to the way these addresses are used.

The phone numbers are used to inform members if there is a last minute change to an event. 

  • There has been/and will not be any change to the way these phone numbers are used.

The Society holds very few email addresses and they are therefore never used.

The Society will not share the information it holds about members with any third party unless directed to do so by legal process.


How is the data stored?

The Membership Secretary holds the list of members on a password protected computer.

The Show Secretary holds a list of prize winners and their address (for the retrieval of cups) on a password protected computer.

The Society will only retain data about its members for so long as they remain members.


What are your rights?

Members have the right to request access to the information that the Society holds about them and can receive a copy of that information.  Members have a right to limit or have erased information held about them.  Members may also request that the information held about then be updated or modified.

Please contact the Chairman for any questions regarding the data held by the Society

May 2018